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Water Lentils are a tiny supergreens that’s ready to revolutionize how you think about greens.

This teeny, tiny vegetable (1/64 of an inch in fact) delivers a nutritional punch with Vitamin B 12, iron, folate, choline and is a complete plant protein.

With its tiny size and neutral taste and texture it is easy to add to any dish for an instant nutrition upgrade.

We at RuBisCo Proteins with the help of propriety technology grow and extract protein from these plants.

 A complete Plant-Based Protein with all nine amino acids
A Complete Plant-Based Protein With all 9 Essential Amino Acids
Duckweed powder is odourless and tasteless
The powder is odourless and colourless, expanding its application in food products
Its high in omega 3 Fatty acids
Fats like Omega-3 are found to positively affect our health
Duckweed is grown in safe and sterile enviornment
Plants are grown in sterile environment, totally safe for consuming fresh


Meat and Fish Analogues
Meat and Fish Analouges
High Protein Snacks
High Protein Snacks
High protein plant based beverages
Plant Based Beverages
Plant Based Egg
Plant Based Egg
Dairy Alternatives
Dairy Alternatives
Plant based supplements
Plant Based Supplements
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