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Proprietary Technology

Our proprietary technology allows us to efficiently grow and minimally process the water lentils in a sterile environment. In addition, we extract protein that has retained functionality, bland in taste and white in colour with the following benefits:

Water Conservation

Our Technology use 95% less water than soil-based systems, as the water can be reused and recycled.

Optimised Crop Growth

The system is designed to optimize plant growth, resulting in faster and more efficient growth.

Year Round Availability

The plants grown are in controlled atmosphere helping us to harvest around the year

Inccreased Crop Yield

The Technology can produce more crops per square foot than soil-based systems, as plants do not have to compete for nutrients and water.

Space Effficiency

We can produce more plants per square foot than soil-based agriculture, making them ideal for urban or indoor settings.

Safety of Crops

As the plants are grown in sterile closed environment, we do not have to use harmful pesticides and chemicals.

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